SR Nathan 8


The Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, management and staff of SINDA mourn the passing of Mr S R Nathan on 22 August 2016.

His passing is a great loss to the nation and it is one that has left every Singaporean in deep sorrow.

Mr Nathan was instrumental in setting up SINDA and served as a Board Trustee till 2000, until he became the sixth President of Singapore. In this time, his advice and good counsel led to many new initiatives at SINDA, benefitting many individuals and families over the years.

Mr Nathan was also a foremost leader of the Indian community, championing its needs with dedication and passion. His genuine concern about bettering the community and his guidance to every major Indian organisation in Singapore were vital in ensuring that Singaporean Indians were able to aspire to reach their potential, regardless of their circumstances.

SINDA and the Indian community are ever grateful to him; his wisdom and foresight have coloured the lives of many fellow Indians.

As we mourn the passing of Mr Nathan, it is only apt that we carry on his legacy by immersing ourselves in service to Singapore. There can be no greater tribute to him than the one achieved by us caring for the needs of Singaporeans and ensuring that they are provided opportunities to aspire towards greater things and attain success in life.

Rest in Peace Mr Nathan.