PSB – SINDA Scholarships



The PSB -SINDA scholarships are offered to candidates who are interested in pursuing a course at PSB Academy.



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To be considered for a scholarship, interested applicants must ensure the following:

  • They must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Residents of Indian origin
  • They must not possess any other Degree (for Degree courses) or a Diploma (for Diploma courses)
  • They must not hold any other scholarships or study awards
  • They must obtain a Letter of Offer from PSB before application
  • They must submit a short essay detailing their reasons for their scholarship application
  • Their total net household Per Capita Income (PCI) should not exceed $1,000
  • Existing PSB students are not eligible to apply for this Scholarship

PSB Academy Diploma Scholarship Eligibility:

  • Diploma Scholarships of 100% (Full-Time and Part-Time)
  • Applicants must possess 2 ‘O’ Level credits or Higher Nitec with acceptable grades

*Kindly verify with PSB for more details

  • Applicants are to attach relevant testimonials from CCA and/or school detailing their achievements and involvement
  • Private Diploma & Polytechnic Diploma holders will not be eligible for this scholarship

PSB Academy Degree Scholarship Eligibility:

  • Open to all local Diploma holders
  • Degree Scholarships of 100% (Full-Time) and 50% (Part-Time)
  • Applicant’s academic records of Poly Diplomas (GPA 3.0) or ‘A’ Level (Average Grade of B)
  • *Applicants are to attach relevant testimonials from CCA and/or school detailing their achievements and involvement 

Terms & Conditions of PSB Academy Scholarship

  • Applicants’ GPA or grades must be above Grade B throughout the scholarship study period
  • Applicants must be involved in any 5 PSB Academy CSR initiative activities (*PSB will inform applicants on this)
  • Applicants must be part of PSB Academy advertising campaigns
  • Applicants must maintain good conduct and complete the course within the timeframe
Note: (Degrees must be from Edinburgh Napier University, Coventry University, and La Trobe University only)                           
Please take note of the Minimum Entry Requirements (MER) for the La Trobe program:
Applicants who fail to meet the MER will automatically be rejected based on their academics status.



  1. Visit PSB Academy (355 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee, Singapore 169567) and speak with a course consultant. Do mention that you are keen to apply for the PSB-SINDA Scholarship.
  2. Clarify if there are any bridging modules you will be required to take in order to start your Diploma or Degree course.
  3. Please note that fees for bridging modules are not included in the scholarship.
  4. Obtain a letter of offer from PSB Academy. Then, proceed to download the SINDA Scholarship application form from the SINDA website.
  5. Send the completed form together with the necessary documents indicated in the application form to the address below.

Processing Time

  1. Applicants are required to apply for the scholarship 2 months before the course commencement date.
  2. Applications will take about 3 – 4 weeks to be processed after the closing date.
  3. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified of the interview dates with SINDA.
  4. Only successful candidates will be informed of the outcome by SINDA.
  5. All scholarships are subject to approval.
  6. Successful applicants may begin their course only after receiving the scholarship offer and signing the student deed

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Completed application forms should be returned to:

Ms Ganga
SIET (Scholarships)
1 Beatty Road
Singapore 209943

For more information, please contact: 1800 295 3333