Age is not a barrier to make a difference

After spending 26 years in the banking sector, Ms Prema Subramaniam quit her job to teach kindergarten children English and literacy. She says this move of hers was inspired by the work she did as a Project Read volunteer with SINDA. Ms Prema became a Project Read volunteer back in 2005 and besides the weekly reading sessions, she would spend time with the children to get to know them better and bring them to the library as well. She strongly believes that being a volunteer isn’t just about reading to the child but it’s also about providing a holistic support system for each child.

“When I was in the bank, I was always dressed in nice suits and heels. But doing this brought me closer to the heartland, and made me realise that I could use my skills to do a little bit more for the community.” At 64, Ms Prema is still an active SINDA volunteer and received the ‘10 Year Gold Award’ at the Volunteers’ Recognition Ceremony last year, in recognition of all her contributions as a volunteer for the past 10 years.