Back To School Festival 2016

“The school kit from the Back-To-School-Festival and monthly bursary from SINDA and the Singapore Indian Education Trust (SIET) have definitely lessened the financial burden on my family. I am able to purchase essentials for school using the kit and bursary without too much of a constraint. This financial aid has allowed me to focus on pursuing my dreams of being a dietician in the near future and worry less about my finances. It’s also very helpful to my parents because they don’t have to be on a very tight budget when it comes to fulfilling my siblings’ education needs. I’m thankful to SINDA and SIET for helping to lighten the load on my family and me.”– Naageswari Duriraju, Singapore Institute of Technology (Newcastle University) student

SINDA and SIET bursary recipient, Naageswari is currently pursuing a degree in Food and Human Nutrition at SIT