Life on Reboot


Life was not going as planned for Ms Mahaboob Bebe , 39. Recently divorced, jobless and responsible for a child at 24, she was feeling lost and emotionally exhausted. She didn’t have a support group to turn to and she had spent most of her savings on her former marriage leaving her financially and emotionally wanting. Months passed by as she searched for a job without avail.

On a meeting with SINDA for a job application, the social worker recommended Project Athena to her – SINDA’s programme for single Indian mothers and their children. She didn’t know what to expect, but she decided to give it a try.

She was immediately surprised to find out that she wasn’t the only single mother going through challenges. She wasn’t alone. Over time, she found the support and help she needed in other single mothers and her spiritual mentor.

Whenever she would start to feel overwhelmed, she would tell herself to be strong, a characteristic she learnt from her late father. Whether it’s walking away from trouble, brushing away needless emotions and staying positive, she regained her confidence in life. It was as if she had a reboot.

“Life has been unkind to me, but I’ve learnt to be resilient and live my dream, fearlessly.”

It was through SINDA, that she found her calling to help others. After graduating from Project Athena in 2010, Ms Mahaboob actively counsels her work colleagues and her friends, providing them with a pillar of support. Gone are the dark days and she has never been happier.