The right support at the right time!


Nur Humaira, 7, was the eldest of Madam Nisha’s three children. She was a bright-eyed child who was curious about everything. Unfortunately, she wasn’t doing very well with her studies and Madam Nisha couldn’t quite figure out why. With the newborn baby and second child, she had her hands full and barely any time to supervise Humaira’s studies personally.

When Humaira entered Primary 1, Madam Nisha finally decided that she needed help with her child’s education. She remembered enrolling Humaira in SINDA’s Literacy and Numeracy programme for a short period of time. Humaira did well then, and Madam Nisha couldn’t think of a better learning environment. She approached the organisation once again and was recommended SINDA’s iLEAP.

In a matter of weeks, Humaira made immense progress in her studies. She acquired a new found love for music and Maths, “especially addition!” she exclaims. Madam Nisha realised that Humaira’s foundation was lost after dropping out of the Literacy and Numeracy programme. The key to unlocking her potential was simple – consistency. With iLEAP’s weekly structured programme, surrounded by like-minded peers and dedicated teachers, Humaira was in a conducive environment to excel. And excel she did! Humaira is now at the top of her class for Maths and Tamil.

“I feel more assured knowing that I now have SINDA’s support in raising my child.”

Madam Nisha has now taken it upon herself to tell other mothers of SINDA’s programmes, so that they too can benefit.