SPIN-ing her Life Around

21 year-old Vishnupriya joined SINDA Sports Initiative, also known as SPIN, hoping to effect some positive changes in her life – both physically and mentally. She took part in SPIN twice and strongly feels that exercise and adopting a healthy lifestyle has had a huge impact on her.

“Exercise, keeping fit and partaking in sports do not just change you into a physically healthy person – it empowers your mental health as well. And for me, hitting the gym is the best stress reliever during any tough times.”

She feels her biggest takeaway from this programme is how it has helped her change her mind set and outlook of life, for the better. These are things she considers very important as it will help her in the long run. We all know the importance of a teacher’s role in imparting knowledge and helping someone learn something thoroughly. For Vishnupriya, her teachers in SPIN were her coaches and both of them contributed greatly to her learning about perseverance and cultivating discipline. Most importantly, through exercise, they taught her that above all, it’s developing an optimistic personality that will help her overcome anything in the various stages of her life.