Staying Positive and Self-motivated

As an alumnus of the Camp Arise and GAME Dance programmes, Kesavan Krisnan has been an avid participant of SINDA’s programmes. He participated in ITE Aspire, a 10-week programme for Institute of Technological Education (ITE) students to cultivate their aspirations, upgrade their soft skills and develop their confidence and resilience. Kesavan’s love for dance piqued his interest in ITE Aspire. “Dance is something I’m very passionate about. So when I heard that they would be combining dance and soft skills in one programme, I was excited to join it!”

As a key takeaway from the programme, Kesavan cited people-management skills. “There were times when I had difficulties communicating to a large group of people. ITE Aspire taught me various useful ways I could overcome those difficulties and manage them effectively.”

The 20-year-old, who was crowned Valedictorian at the 2017 SINDA Youth Awards for his determination and hard work despite facing challenges, eventually became one of the top students among his school’s ‘N’ Level cohort. He attributes his success to the support received from his family, school and SINDA. “ITE Aspire felt like a co-curricular activity (CCA) instead of a programme,” he said. “I learnt leadership qualities that helped me overcome challenging situations in life or studies. The dance segments kept me fit and positive, so I was able to relax and enjoy my afternoons with my friends.”