Staying Proactive


Prishalini Rajasakaran is a testament to how being proactive is key to making progress with one’s studies. “In the beginning, I struggled with understanding Chemistry, so I had issues with passing Combined Science. I knew I had to get help if I wanted to do better, so I joined SINDA’s STEP tuition.”

According to Prishalini, her STEP tutor was responsible for thoroughly explaining Chemistry concepts and ensuring that she understood them. “My STEP tutor took the time to identify my learning gaps and clear my doubts.” Additionally, the 19-year-old was able to share what she had learned with peer from different schools whom she met during the programme.

Prishalini’s self-confidence grew when she began improving her Combined Science grades. To top it off, she was awarded SINDA’s Best Overall Student for ‘O’ Levels at the 2017 Joint Tuition Awards. Receiving SINDA’s recognition for her hard work meant a lot to her as it inspired her to do better. On the benefits of the programme, Prishalini shared, “Mentally, I was able to get to a better place. Also, the fact that STEP tuition took place in the evening helped me effectively manage my time after school.”