The Power of Education

“Education opens us up to a world of opportunities and frames how we view and participate in society. Providing scholarships is one way of championing meritocracy, of empowering students to follow their dreams and build a better life. I believe it is important that we help our youth develop their interests to become active contributors of society. After all, education is but the great equaliser, as Horace Mann so eloquently put it.” – Balwant Rao Jain, CEO of Optimum Solutions and donor of scholarship funds to SINDA

“When I reached out to SINDA for assistance, SINDA generously offered me the Optimum Solutions Scholarship. With the scholarship in hand, I was better able to focus on my studies and this made me more confident in completing my university studies and fulfilling my aspirations.” Revathi d/o Rajendran, SINDA scholarship recipient, Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Graduate, Singapore Institute of Technology