Understanding Our Children

SINDA’s parenting workshops are designed to help parents improve their parenting skills by understanding their children better and communicating with them effectively. Through those workshops, parents are exposed to seeing issues and situations from their children’s perspective which allows them to have better knowledge about the challenges they may face.

Shamala Devi d/o Tamaraiselvan, 32, was pleased with how much she had benefited from the workshops. “The workshops were an eye-opener for both my husband and I as we learnt a lot about the different roles there are in a family – be it of parents or grandparents. These sessions presented themselves as opportunities to equip ourselves with the knowledge and skill sets to handle different situations that kids go through. We also understood the range of parenting techniques and how to choose suitable techniques to use.”


During the workshops, Shamela Devi learnt an important skill – managing her children’s time to include both study and enrichment activities. “I learnt how to plan and set aside time for the children. Their life shouldn’t just be about education – there should be an equal amount of attention paid to developing their social skills. As parents, it is our responsibility to perform well in our roles and raise well-rounded children.”