Uplifting Families

“Before being introduced to SINDA, I had no inkling that they offered so many programmes and services – these actually turned out to be opportunities to help us improve ourselves,” says homemaker Mrs Nangai.

Mrs Nangai, whose husband is the sole breadwinner in her family, says she and her family were fortunate to have been able to tap onto SINDA’s various assistance schemes. “Over the past three years, my children have been receiving the ‘Back To School’ vouchers and school kits, together with the SINDA Bursary. These have been of great help to us, ensuring that my children have the necessary school supplies and their expenses are covered.”

Beyond receiving financial assistance, Mrs Nangai’s children participated in SINDA’s academic programmes, while she and her husband attended counselling sessions and parenting workshops to enhance their parenting abilities. “I can see a difference in my family now; we are able to communicate better and express ourselves freely to one another. We are a much happier family these days, thanks to SINDA’s programmes that have helped us in many ways!”