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Traditionally known as ‘A’ Level Tuition Project, Saadhana is a non-profit project carried out by NUS Tamil Language Society (NUSTLS). It provides quality ‘A’ Level tutoring at affordable rates.
This annual project, which is supported by SINDA and SIET, was launched on a small scale with NUS undergraduates tutoring A-level students 30 years ago. The aim of Saadhana is to help Indian students excel in their ‘A’ Level Examinations so as to pursue university education. To this end, qualified and experienced teachers are enlisted to facilitate the students’ learning and lessons are provided at highly-subsidised, affordable rates.

Teachers ensure that optimal learning is not compromised at any cost. Over time, Saadhana has grown and undergone numerous improvements via constant feedback from teachers and students.

While Saadhana caters to Indian students from Junior Colleges and Pre-Universities preparing for their ‘A’ levels, students of other races are also welcome. Tuition is conducted from March to October each year and admission is based on availability for all students.

For more information on the NUSTLS ‘A’ Level Tuition Programme, please contact:

Ms Shanmathi (8648 3672)
Mr Jason (8211 6113)

Or visit our website: SAADHANA

Please refer to our contact page for all other enquiries.