Giving Back to Others

Being part of the Social Service sector, a career with SINDA would provide you with an opportunity to give back to the community-at-large. Our employees are involved in events all year round where we get to interact and build bonds with beneficiaries, partners and other members of the community.

Diversity & Inclusion

At SINDA, we recognise that a diverse team allows for different perspectives and experiences to come together in meeting the common goal.

SINDA also strives to create a work environment that is inclusive, where employees are empowered to share ideas and be appreciated for their thoughts. We believe in a positive work space where employees are confident they will be heard.

Our Welfare

At SINDA, we aim to take care of your well-being. We provide a variety of wellness initiatives that will enhance your overall experience at SINDA. We also take pride in your individual experiences while at SINDA.


Engaging and interacting with beneficiaries is, and will always be fulfilling. I am personally motivated and inspired by SINDA’s culture which aligns with my own values. SINDA is a caring organisation which continuously strives for its employee’s optimal well-being, by initiating programmes such as Wellness Wednesdays and Fruity Fridays. I hope to have many more beautiful memories to collect here!

Gowri Arivalagan

Family Service Centre

Over the years, I have developed great friendships at SINDA. Everyone is part of a big family that is focused on the community’s needs and in achieving what we have set out to do. By placing our beneficiaries at the heart of all that we do, the organisation has enabled me to think and lead effectively and motivated my professional and personal growth.

Singaram Chandrasekar

Education Division

When I first joined, I had the opportunity to be part of SINDA’s Back To School Festival, which provided students with school essentials and vouchers for the new school year. It reminded me that I belong to a community of people wanting to help every Singaporean succeed. Seeing beneficiaries benefit from their SINDA journey drives me to continuously contribute and be part of a village that cares.

Juanita Devaprasad

Family Division