SINDA Job Care Scheme



As residents are looking for a job to tide over the pandemic and circuit breaker measures, SINDA understands that searching for a job can be tiring, especially when it takes longer than expected. SINDA wants to do more to help the community.

SINDA’s Job Care Scheme (SINDA JCS) is to assist Indian residents in performing jobs matching, career search and job applications.


Programme Objective:

This programme is designed to help residents whose jobs are affected due to the pandemic and circuit breaker measures will be matched to companies partnering with SINDA to offer jobs where applicable. SINDA will incentivize career transition and skills upgrading for mid-career individuals to receive grants by the government for up to six months. Jobseekers will seek a better understanding by receiving career advice and counselling from SINDA registered career coaches in vernacular language.



The programme to begin in Sep/Oct 2020.


Through the SINDA Job Care Scheme, when a phone call/email is made, a SINDA staff will get in touch with the resident. The resident will be guided, advised and supported on their career journey. This is to ensure a structured approach to their career goals such as finding a job or switching an industry. SINDA will perform Jobs matching; assist in writing up resumes if needed in their career search and job applications. It can take place through a face-to-face meet-up, or via a phone or video call.  SINDA is also able to recommend a career coach who will be able to assist residents further in their career search or new skills required to support career transition and progression.



Open to all Indians who are Singaporeans or Permanent Residents.



Ms Kausalya Arasu
For more information, please contact: 6393 7241 or email: kausalya@sinda.org.sg