SINDA’s enhanced subsidies



From July 2018 onwards, SINDA has enhanced its subsidy criteria model to benefit students, youth and parents enrolled in its programmes. Through this revised model, more participants enrolled in education, youth and family programmes will enjoy greater subsidies and will continue to benefit from SINDA’s affordable programmes!

Per Capita Income (PCI) From July 2018


$1000 Full Fee Waiver
> $1,000 Commitment Fee


Under this enhanced subsidy model:

  • Families with a per capita income with a per capita income (PCI) of $1,000 and below will enjoy full fee waivers when they enroll in any of SINDA’s programmes.
  • Families with a per capita income with a per capita income PCI of $1,001 and above will pay a one-time commitment fee of $10 per programme.
  • Programmes that SINDA runs free of charge will remain unchanged.

* Per Capita Income (PCI):  Total net income of everyone in the household divided by the number of people in the household. PCI is used by SINDA to assess the suitability of individuals and families for financial assistance and programme fee subsidies.



These subsidies will apply to:

  • All education programmes
  • All youth programmes
  • All family programmes
  • The following Financial Assistance Schemes:
    • SINDA Bursary
    • Book and Shelf