02 Jul 2016

Speech by Ms Indranee Thurai Rajah, Senior Minister of State and President, SINDA at the F&B Career Awareness Programme on 02 July 2016 at Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre


Good Morning Friends and Partners.


  1. I am happy to be here today with you, to be part of this exciting start to your careers. Today’s food and beverage career programme is about identifying passionate individuals and matching them with the available opportunities and resources, so that they acquire the right set of skills, be part of rewarding and fulfilling careers and are able to build brighter futures.
  1. There is no longer the notion that there is only a single path to success. Instead, there exist multiple routes, each with its unique opportunities; and you as individuals, are increasingly empowered to choose the path that best aligns to your passions, strengths, skills and abilities. Hence, as a community, there is a need for each of us to take greater ownership of our careers and chart a path of career growth for ourselves—this is not only for our personal benefit, but also for the benefit of our friends, families and loved ones. When we are successful, our success motivates and inspires those around us.
  1. To help you achieve your dreams, a number of national and community resources are available to you. One such resource—the SkillsFuture national initiative—allows you to discover suitable challenges and new opportunities to learn and grow professionally. The right qualifications may give you a firm foundation—but to secure a head start, you need to expand your existing skills, continually acquire new ones and build on your experience, to stay relevant.
  1. Community organisations such as SINDA also offer job placement schemes and training programmes that best suit individuals’ needs and requirements. And as an extension to its career-related services, SINDA has brought together various partners today to offer you potential careers in the food and beverage industry.
  1. I take this opportunity to commend SINDA, IRAS, ACI, WDA and all supporting restaurants, for their dedicated efforts to ensure that individuals are provided paths to pursue their dreams and advance their careers. When it comes to the needs of the community, everyone has an integral part to play and the responsibility to tend to each other’s needs lies with every individual. In fact, every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together. In that spirit, the coming together of government bodies, community groups and Indian businesses today, to leverage upon and share resources and expertise, is encouraging and is proof of their commitment towards supporting the dreams of our individuals, the community and ultimately, the society.
  1. To our potential trainees, I wish all of you the best of luck in your endeavours. As you embark on this new chapter, learn and train to the very best of your abilities and give your utmost commitment—and you will find that success naturally follows. I look forward to your accomplishments and contributions in the Indian food and beverage scene in Singapore and trust that your successes will build brighter futures for yourself, your family and ultimately, the community.


Thank you.