02 Jul 2016

Welcome Remarks by Mr K Barathan, CEO, SINDA at the Place and Train Programme on 02 July 2016 at Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre


Good Morning

Ms Indranee Rajah, President SINDA and Senior Minister of State for Law and Finance;

Partners from IRAS, ACI and WDA;

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Thank you all for coming today.


Today is an exciting day for me, and I am sure for you as well.

At SINDA we offer a number of community support programmes across different areas. One such area is career-related—it has always been a key focus of SINDA and we look into skills upgrading, as well as referring individuals to suitable career opportunities. We do this so that our fellow Indians are able to fulfil and progress their professional ambitions. At SINDA, we wish to empower individuals so that they are able to take charge of their careers, lead fruitful lives and be active contributors to society.

Through this today’s career programme—Learn & Earn—we hope to reach out to those of you who are passionate about a career in the food and beverage sector. The F&B industry is always growing and filled with unlimited opportunities.

We are happy that we are joined in our efforts by the the Indian Restaurants Association Singapore, the Asian Culinary Institute as part of Nanyang Polytechnic and the Workforce Development Agency. I am always encouraged when private businesses and government bodies give their support to SINDA’s community programmes. We need to work together to bring initiatives such as these to the people and bring about community benefit.

The entire training programme is subsidised, and you are paid while you train, so if you who have always wanted to pursue this line of work, this is your chance! It is also an excellent opportunity for those considering a mid-career switch. If you do know of friends and family who are keen, do encourage them to sign up as well. It is an excellent opportunity and we need to leverage on it to build for ourselves a successful future.

On that note, I wish you the very best—for the interviews that will happen later, as well as your job training. And I hope that one day you will have a fulfilling and fruitful career filled with much promise. That alone will give much meaning to the work that we do here at SINDA.

Thank you.