03 Nov 2017


Education Sub-Committee Members;

Centre Principals and Administrators; Tutors;

Education Division Colleagues;


  1. A very good evening to all of you and it is my pleasure to join you at today’s appreciation ceremony. This dinner honours the dedicated efforts of each one of you, in making a difference to the lives of our students.


  1. Teaching is a demanding profession. At a fundamental level, it is about understanding the needs of our students, tailoring an effective approach and delivering a curriculum that best resonates with our students. Teachers are also expected to go the extra mile, identifying students in need of help, coaching them to develop character and preparing them for the future that lies ahead. All of these add on the demands of the profession. But seeing your students improve academically, gain positive traits and ultimately grow into better students, makes the work that you do much more fulfilling and rewarding.


Impact of STEP and Project Teach on Academic Achievement


  1. That is the same that we wish to achieve at SINDA – complement our students’ learning, grow them holistically and prepare them to be successful adults in a future full of opportunities.


  1. Each year, we have more than 4,000 students in STEP and Project Teach and every year, we see the impact of your efforts. 257 of our students from the various landmark examinations achieved a significant grade improvement and qualified for the Joint Tuition Awards this year. The number has seen steady growth over the years, and it is reflective of the successes of all our Indian students. Each one of them is attaining success, in their own way, according to their capabilities.

2017 Plans Realised


  1. 2017 saw a greater focus on helping our target groups – low income and low-performing students. We have provided financial assistance to 53% of our STEP and Project Teach students, so that everyone can afford quality tuition. 80% of Project Teach students were low-performing students, who through the programme, received much-needed academic support. To assist these students effectively, their tutors underwent differentiated instruction, assessment training and were coached in applying the skills that they learnt, in the classroom.


  1. This year also saw the piloting of two projects in selected STEP centres. One was the training of tutors through instructional coaching and the second was the engagement of student counsellors. Through these pilots, we have identified areas of academic and socio-emotional support that our students needed. We will be scaling up these initiatives next year to benefit more students.


2018 Plans


  1. 2018 will see the enhancement of our tuition programmes as well as the rollout of many pilot programmes – the details of these will be shared with you at a later date. But I wish to emphasise, that these efforts are meant to reach out to as many students as possible, who are in need of assistance. We want to meet their needs, make academic support easily accessible and affordable while maintaining the quality of our programmes.


  1. And of course, levelling up our students academically cannot be done without committed tutors. SINDA is committed to developing you so that you are well-equipped to address the learning gaps that students have. We want to foster an environment where the minds of our future generations will be nurtured and grown by the best possible tutors.


Awards at Appreciation Dinner


  1. I wish to highlight today, Ms Charanjeet Kaur, who will be receiving the 5-year Long Service Award for being a STEP tutor. She has also served as a Project Teach tutor for 9 years. Feedback on her from SINDA Liaison Officers has been strongly positive – the care that she has shown her students and how well she engaged them during lessons. She participates in all the training that SINDA has organised for tutors and actively applies these learnings in her lessons to benefit her students.


  1. Today, together with Charanjeet, 95 tutors will receive Long Service Awards for 3 to 15 years of service. The care, support and commitment shown by them have brought out the best in students. And I hope that our appreciation of you today will encourage you towards constant improvements and that you will continue your partnership with SINDA, in helping the Indian community. If you do know of like-minded peers who wish to do their part for the community, please urge them to sign up as tutors as well. With many on board, we can serve the community’s needs even better.


  1. I am also very appreciative of the many other individuals who have added tremendous value to SINDA’s education programmes:


  1. Education Sub-Committee Members for their invaluable guidance to our Education Division;
  2. STEP Centre Principals for their commitment in running the centres with passion and effectiveness; and
  3. Education Division members for diligently ensuring the success of our STEP and Project Teach programmes.




  1. Each one of you is an integral member of the SINDA family. I thank you for your services so far and hope that your journey with us will remain rewarding and fulfilling. I look forward to your continued positive contributions towards our mission of ensuring progress for all. Let us move forward as a community, together.


To everyone, have an enjoyable evening ahead. Thank you.