13 Jan 2018

Ms Rathi Parimalan, Chairperson, and Members of the Education Sub-Committee

Mr S Manogaran, Principal, Serangoon Junior College

Centre Principals, Centre Administrators;

STEP and Project Teach Tutors;

Ladies and Gentlemen;


  1. A very good morning and I welcome you to SINDA’s Tutor Work Plan Seminar 2018.


  1. This session, held for a few years now, is vital to helping us better understand academic and student development trends, the needs of our students and better calibrate our approach to cater to these needs.


STEP and Project Teach

  1. STEP and Project Teach programmes are well-known in the community. These programmes have of course, evolved over the years, from 2-hour tuition sessions to holistic programmes that identify the learning needs of each child and provide customised support accordingly. The programmes also remain complementary to the Ministry of Education’s efforts to develop students holistically.


  1. Beyond academics, enrichment and mentorship elements have also been weaved into the programmes; IT-learning has been incorporated to maintain students’ interest and more enrichment programmes are being conducted to point our students in the right direction. I am happy to note that through both programmes, we have reached out to about 85,000 students over the years.


Academic Efforts

  1. All these efforts are undertaken because we have the child at the centre of our focus. However, our students’ success is only achieved through effective collaboration and a strong partnership between schools, parents and community organisations and of course, tutors like you. Such cooperation between key stakeholders, with the student at the core, will certainly benefit more students. SINDA hopes to partner more organisations and institutions to achieve our mission – which is to help each student to reach their maximum potential, regardless of their family background or circumstances.


  1. As educators, all of us know well enough that there can be no greater gift to the future generation than that of a strong, grounded education; an education that will allow them to pursue their dreams, do well in an educational pathway of their choice and ultimately become achieving individuals in their professional and personal capacities. Such an education will ensure that our students reach their fullest potential, lead fruitful lives and become active contributors to society. Hence, what we do now plays a big role in shaping their future, as well as the collective future of our community.


2018 SINDA Work Plans

  1. For 2018, we will be heightening our emphasis on reaching out to students who are low-performing or come from low-income households. It is important to identify these students early enough and provide them with the guidance and additional support that they would need, to improve their academic performance.


  1. Such initiatives are part of broader long term community-wide outcomes that SINDA hopes to achieve. With regards to education, the focus should be on quality passes, significant grade improvements and a better spread of our students across secondary and tertiary streams. My colleagues will elaborate later on the new initiatives and enhancements being introduced this year to ensure that these targets are met.


Education Division Management

  1. At this juncture, it is my pleasure to announce the secondment of Mr Anbarasu Rajendran, who joins us as Deputy CEO; and Mr Rajendran Nagappan and Ms Lata Menon who join us as Assistant Directors in the Education division. I am confident that their combined knowledge and wealth of expertise gained from MOE will add value to SINDA’s efforts and increase the efficacy of our education programmes even further.


  1. However, the education division alone can’t achieve the outcomes set for the community. All of us here must be passionate about making a real difference to each child that attends our programmes, and I am confident that each one of you will be the crucial advantage that ensures that our students surge ahead.


  1. On that note, I look towards your continued commitment to SINDA and our students. With each new year comes a renewed sense of energy, passion and action. I urge all of you to channel this positively, for the benefit of our students and ultimately, the community.


Thank you.