18 Nov 2017



Guest of Honour, Mr Vikram Nair, Advisor, SINDA

SINDA Board and Executive Committee Members

Award Recipients and Parents; Ladies and Gentlemen


A very good evening to all of you.


About the SINDA Youth Awards 2017

  1. It is my pleasure to welcome you to the SINDA Youth Awards 2017. This ceremony recognises outstanding youth participants who have shown outstanding commitment towards SINDA’s programmes, as well as progress in their character development. The 100 award recipients today graduated from programmes such as the Guidance and Mentorship programme (GAME), Youth Victory and the SINDA Youth Football Initiative.
  1. Participants, by honouring all of you through this awards ceremony, we acknowledge you as good role models for your peers and we hope that you will continue your journey with SINDA through our various programmes. We also look forward to seeing as many of you back as mentors, so that you can contribute back to the community and support your juniors. I would like to take this time to thank all parents here today to celebrate the achievements of our children – without your guidance and support, your children will not have come this far.


Moving Forward

  1. Maximising educational opportunities for all students remains SINDA’s chief mandate. To holistically develop our youth, a number of our programmes offer them a platform to be involved in positive activities, to recognise and enhance their potential. The range of programmes that SINDA offers youth has grown over the years and it will continue to do so, to meet changing needs. In view of that, I’m excited about the coming year – together with scaling up several of our existing programmes, we will also offer new ones that will better support our youth on their journeys to adulthood.
  1. For example, Youth Victory, our school-based motivational programme for secondary-level students, aims to strengthen the self-esteem, self-efficacy and resilience of pupils by imparting positive values to them and enhancing their social and emotional intelligence through interactive learning. This programme will target even more schools and we will be able to impact and bring out the best in more of our students and shape them into confident and driven individuals.
  1. The ITE Aspire programme encourages ITE students’ aspirations through dance and includes motivational and enrichment elements that equip them with soft skills and good character. In 2017, this programme was piloted over 10 weeks at ITE College Central. Come next year, ITE Aspire will be introduced to the other two ITEs. This is an exciting opportunity for us and will provide us with greater touchpoints withing the ITE student community.
  1. Our satellite office in Jurong will be repurposed as a hub to offer our youth an exciting mix of programmes and an opportunity for them to network with peers through interest-based groups. We trust this hub will serve as a place for youth to gather, study, destress and bond with their friends.


Support from parents and the community

  1. These are some of the initiatives for the betterment of our youth, together with the many more planned in other areas such as education, pre-school and parenting. However, these programmes can only function optimally when there is strong support from parents and families. The way we see it, parents, schools and community organisations like SINDA are the three key stakeholder groups that can make a real difference to the lives of our students.
  1. Parents must work towards providing conducive home environments and must foster strong bonds within their families; schools play their role by imparting knowledge to our children; and SINDA provides our students with life skills as well as a support system to overcome any challenges. So, I seek your active support in continuing to enrol your children in SINDA’s programmes and allowing them to take greater benefit and grow into successful adults.



  1. The way forward in bettering our community is a challenge as we seek to meet the demands of changing social landscapes and ensure that no one is left behind. As a nation, as a community and as individuals, we must all work together to ensure progress for all Singaporeans.
  1. All award recipients here today, you have done well and made us proud. Continue to strive forward and give your best in all that you do. Where there is commitment and dedication, success will follow. Congratulations to each one of you and all the best for your future endeavours.


Thank you.