18 Nov 2017



Mr K Barathan, CEO, SINDA;

Guests; Parents and Students.


A very good evening to all of you.


  1. Today, we are here to honour the determined spirit of Indian youth and I’m glad to be a part of this occasion. This auditorium is filled with the strength and confidence of resilient youth; each one of you is testament to what can be achieved, when you are fuelled by determination and commitment.
  1. Traditionally, the SINDA Youth Awards served as a platform to recognise resilient youth. But this year, I understand that we are also recognising SINDA’s youth mentors who have been the central pillars of the Guidance and Mentorship programme, or GAME. These mentors have played an integral role in the execution of GAME and have very selflessly devoted their time and energy towards the development of other youth. I am happy that this year we acknowledge 24 such mentors, along with other youth participants receiving awards for having made significant improvements to their character.


Active Learning & Cultivating a Positive Attitude

  1. To all youth here, as young and driven individuals, each one of you should strive to reach your fullest potential through a quest for excellence – not just in your studies but in all other aspects of development as well. Understand the depth and breadth of any area, put your very best in it and master it. This mastery will expand your abilities, add value to what you do and allow you to grow into successful adults.
  1. Be open to learning new things; but I must add that not all will seem simple or familiar in your first few attempts. As you begin life’s journey, into the next stage of your education and later into your careers, you will take different paths and face different circumstances and some of these will prove to be very challenging. It is vital that you do not view these as setbacks but rather, as opportunities to break new grounds and add to your abilities. If something does not go the way you want it to, take a step back, learn from it and improve.
  1. While our achievements are definitely something we can be proud of, it’s our positive attitude that will bring us far in life. With a positive attitude comes the ability to handle adverse situations well and turn these to your advantage. Individuals with such an attitude will shine and become good role models in the community – but cultivating a positive attitude is not something that can be achieved overnight; rather, you must build it up with conscious effort. When you put your heart and mind into possessing this valuable trait, it will bring you to greater heights.


Valedictorian – Kesavan Krisnan

  1. You will hear from your peer, Kesavan Krisnan later – this year’s Valedictorian, who will speak on behalf of all recipients. Kesavan’s story is one of perseverance and a true example of displaying the right attitude and never giving up. In life, not everything will be rosy and we may be put through challenging circumstances. But it is about turning these into learning points and Kesavan stands out for having done just that.


Positive Parenting

  1. Parents, I cannot stress how important you are in your children’s lives. Each one of them is here today, due only to your support and guidance. They need you to be involved in their lives. By showing interest in their goals, their peers and their likes and dislikes, you can influence the choices they make. Continue to be there for them and ensure that they blossom into confident, responsible and successful adults. This success that they attain is surely a shared one and you must know that you play a big and important role in that.



  1. As we move towards the future, there will be an abundance of opportunities to leverage upon – more now than ever – and better ourselves. Learning and refining ourselves over time is part of a lifelong process that will prepare us well for this future. There is much more for each one of us to explore and gain insights into.
  1. Award recipients, congratulations on your achievement tonight. Remember all that you have learnt, while you journeyed through SINDA’s programmes. Face your challenges positively and continue to pursue your goals relentlessly. Your attitude will determine your life.

Thank you.