05 Dec 2015

Address by Mr N Ravindran, COO, SINDA at the SINDA P1 Starters Seminar 2015 on 05 December 2015 at Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre


Dr Janil Puthucheary, MP, Pasir Ris Punggol GRC

Friends from MOE, Parents,


  1. It is my pleasure to welcome you today to the P1 Starters seminar; one that I trust will be both enriching and eye-opening for all of us.
  1. Many parents I speak to share that modern parenting can be very challenging. Together with providing for the family, parents have a whole host of other challenges to tackle—a competitive educational landscape, adolescent children with their own set of priorities, effective communication within the family and more; and with both parents required to work in today’s environment, effective parenting can become particularly challenging.
  1. Many of us would have grown up with our own parents as our role models. Hence it is natural that when we become parents ourselves, we emulate their style, raising our children the same way we were raised. But though parenting approaches have remained the same over the years, circumstances have become very different. We need to understand the changes in the modern landscape—changes that will impact our children—so that we can equip ourselves better to be their companions and guides.
  1. As such, we are lucky to have platforms such as today’s seminar. This is a platform for us parents to come together, hear about current trends, share our concerns as parents, learn from one another’s experiences and build winning strategies. I may be a parent myself, with grown up children, but I too am learning new things about parenting each day—it is a lifelong journey, and not a structured process with a clearly defined formula.
  1. There will instances that we may face in life that will challenge our parenting skills. At times like this, I encourage you to reach out and get the necessary guidance. For example our modular parenting skills work very closely with parents, to make them understand current educational trends, the developmental needs of children at different ages and stages and how parents can be effective companions to their children. Such programmes give us the knowledge needed to understand our children and raise them effectively. For our children, there are a host of programmes at SINDA, from pre-school level enrichment right up to tertiary-level character-building. I have personally seen the success of this programmes, and I have seen how these programmes transform our students for the better, and give them a much-needed step-up. I urge all of you to learn more about our programmes—do approach any of our SINDA staff here today to find out more.
  1. From today, it is my hope that all of you will increase your commitment to your children. Your commitment to them will shape their life and define who they are. I also urge you to remember and practise what all of us learned today—make it a conscious culture at home. This is an opportunity for us to create and mould future generations, so let’s do it with dedication and commitment. Remember: ‘my child, our future’.


Once again, I hope that today’s session will be enriching to you. My best wishes to you and your family for your continued success. Thank you.