27 May 2015

Address by Mr K Barathan, CEO, SINDA at SINDA-MOE Partnership Ceremony on 27 May 2015 at The Grassroots’ Club


Ms Indranee Rajah, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Law and Ministry of Education, and President, SINDA

EXCO, BOT and Education Sub-Committee Members,

Partners and friends from the Ministry of Education,


Ladies & Gentlemen,

  1. Good afternoon. I welcome all of you today, as we affirm our strong ties with the Ministry of Education.
  1. I am heartened that MOE, represented here today by each one of you, has been our staunch and foremost partner in our efforts. Your partnership has been integral to SINDA’s efforts in elevating Indian students’ academic performance, and MOE’s strategic support and guidance has been invaluable to us in implementing various educational initiatives for students. Our students reap the fruits of this meaningful partnership, as they get the educational support programmes they need to propel them to success.
  1. Education, especially mathematics, has been SINDA’s core focus since we began in 1991. We believe that every child should be afforded maximum educational opportunities. A well-grounded education opens our students to a universe of opportunities and enables them to lead productive lives.
  1. SINDA’s programmes and services have positively impacted the Indian community over the last two decades. For instance, of the Primary 5 students that came to SINDA for STEP tuition classes, less than half had passed Maths. After attending the STEP programme, 78.3% of the same students passed Maths at PSLE.
  1. Similarly, when we look at Project Teach students, only 50% of them passed Maths at Secondary 3, before attending the programme. With the programme’s help, 75% of them passed Maths at O-Levels.
  1. This success has not been SINDA’s alone. It has been the coordinated effort of the various stakeholders in the community—schools, teachers, parents and other like-minded community groups. Each one has played an important role in supporting our students.
  1. Looking ahead, we want to reach the group of Indian students that needs our intervention the most—the bottom 20% that still lags behind. Our challenge is not only to reach them but also how we can impress upon this group the importance of a good education. I am confident that the schools in our fold will partner us as we hope to address this underperformance.
  1. As educators, each one of you would be familiar with such students. I urge all of you to introduce such students and their families to SINDA. Let them gain benefit from our programmes so that they can have brighter futures.
  1. We also wish to expand SINDA’s tuition reach.
  1. SINDA Liaison Officers or SLOs, have been our ambassadors on the ground, actively identifying and referring students to SINDA. Without you, we would not be able to reach as many as we do today. I count on your continued support as we expand the breadth and depth of our offerings.
  1. Today, more than 80 schools will be acknowledged for your support towards SINDA. Each partnership has allowed us to do more, with each one a testament to how collaborations can bring about life-changing opportunities for students.
  1. I hope more schools with join with us in bettering our students. Should you wish to explore other avenues or have suggestions for us to reach out to more students, do get in touch. SINDA is ever thankful for your support, and I hope that such meaningful partnerships will continue.
  1. Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to many more years of working together to improve the lives of our students.

Thank you.