24 Oct 2015

Address by Mr K Barathan, CEO, SINDA at the Christ Church Kindergarten Annual Concert & Bursary Distribution Ceremony on 24 October 2015 at the Parish of Christ Church


Good Afternoon

Council and Management of the Parish of Christ Church

Parents and Students,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


I am very pleased to be with all of you here today, at the Christ Church Kindergarten Annual Concert & Bursary Distribution Ceremony.

We have with us today 75 students who will receive educational bursaries from the Church. With these bursaries, we hope that our students will work hard and do their best in their studies, together with acquiring good values and building sound characters.

To the students who are here today, remember that each one of you is the future of our community. It is important that you perform well academically and achieve good marks. Only then will you be able to seize opportunities in the future and become successful adults. Pursue your goals persistently and most of all, believe in yourself and be the best that you can be.

Parents, you are the pillars of support for you children. However, there may be moments in life that will challenge your parenting skills. At times like this, I encourage you to reach out and get the necessary guidance, so that you help bring out the best in our children. Nurturing our children is a shared responsibility and is not an easy one. There will be sacrifices that have to be made, but these sacrifices will go far in enabling our children to grow into confident and wholesome adults.

Today is a day of giving and receiving blessings, and this day would not have been possible without the Parish of Christ Church. I commend the council and management of the Church for their dedicated support towards the educational efforts for Indians. It is heartening that Christ Church has played an active role in supporting students in need, regardless of religion, to give them additional impetus in education and life.

A strong partnership with the community is important as it allows less advantaged students to access resources and opportunities that can enhance their educational experience. SINDA values the efforts of the Church in providing these resources and opportunities to our students.

Thank you and have a blessed day ahead.