22 May 2018

SINDA Launches Hello Baby Gift Hamper for New-borns

New initiative to nurture early learners and focus on greater parental involvement


DATED: 22 May 2018


22 May 2018 – Ms Indranee Rajah, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office, Second Minister for Finance, Education & Law and President of SINDA, launched SINDA’s Hello Baby gift hamper initiative today with a presentation of the first hamper to a beneficiary family. The gift hamper, which is part of SINDA’s upstream measures for nurturing early learners, is aimed at developing children’s cognitive skills, encouraging positive parent-child bonding and engaging parents to play an active role in their children’s lives.


In line with the emphasis on early childhood development, this Hello Baby initiative also serves as a touch point for parents with new-borns to understand and enrol into SINDA’s programmes to support their child’s development throughout the years. These programmes are focused on nurturing children from infancy to pre-school age, and preparing them for formal education.


“At SINDA, we are mindful that there are families out there who may not be able to give their children a strong headstart. When the child is an infant, it is vital to engage with them and develop their sense of curiosity and play. As such, parents can use the Hello Baby hamper items to foster greater interaction with their children and encourage them to be curious and motivated from an early age,” said Ms Indranee.


A congratulatory card will be distributed to parents of babies aged up to 12 months, notifying them to contact SINDA to receive their gift hamper. Based on eligibility criteria, successfully-registered Indian parents of newborns will receive the Hello Baby gift hamper, worth $160. This gift hamper is specially for families with a per capita income (PCI) of $1,000 and below. The hamper consists of products that are in line with SINDA’s objectives of promoting active learning for the child and for parents to have greater involvement in their child’s life:


  • Baby Play Mat (A play mat with vibrant colours and overhead toys that will strengthen child’s eye-hand coordination & motor skills)
  • My First Library (Eight board books covering essential early-learning areas)
  • Baby Blocks (Colourful stacking blocks to stimulate child’s visual and motor skills)


SINDA Deputy CEO, Mr Anbarasu Rajendran, spoke about SINDA’s aim to provide long-term holistic support to families in need: “After doing research and following up with our beneficiaries, we felt it was critical to engage new-borns and their families in our programmes, in addition to our current programmes which are targeted at children aged three and above. Interacting with parents and siblings is crucial to a child during their formative years. Through our Hello Baby initiative, we will be able to create a conducive environment where parents can encourage their child’s sense of learning and be more involved in their lives.”


In addition to the gift hamper, SINDA will be facilitating follow-through engagements with the families to identify their needs and provide holistic assistance for the family. This is integral to SINDA’s focus on providing all-round development to families and aims to equip parents with the necessary skills to fully develop their child’s potential. After receiving the Hello Baby gift hamper, parents will benefit from the following services:


  • Book and Shelf
  • Parenting workshops to nurture early learners
  • Healthy lifestyle development
  • Education and enrichment intervention for older children (if any)
  • Financial and social assistance for the family (if required)


SINDA estimates that there are 800 Indian children born into low-income families each year. Of these, the initiative aims to reach out to 250 families.


SINDA will collaborate with several partners to reach out to parents of new-borns and inform them of the Hello Baby gift hamper initiative. Congratulatory cards will be awarded to mothers who have opted for subsidised maternity wards in select hospitals. Other partner agencies will also direct their beneficiaries towards this scheme. Indian Activity Executive Committees (IAECs) and religious organisations will disseminate information on the initiative through staff who work at the community centres.


Mdm Seema, mother of 11-month-old Mahira Nazar, was pleased to receive the hamper and welcomed the initiative: “The items in the Hello Baby gift hamper will definitely be helpful to my child as it will pique her interest in learning from an early age. Through the Hello Baby initiative, it is also good to know that we can rely on SINDA, should we require holistic assistance to develop our child’s potential and to acquire parenting skills that will help us play an active role in our child’s life.”




For more information, contact:

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