23 Aug 2014

Speech by Ms Indranee Rajah, Senior Minister of State for Law and Education at the Self-Help Groups’ Joint Tuition Awards Ceremony on 23 August 2014 at Nanyang Polytechnic


My Parliament Colleagues,

Board Members, Committee Members, Chief Executive Officers

and representatives of the various Self-Help Groups,

Award recipients and family members,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning.


1.  I am very happy to join you at today’s 11th Joint Tuition Awards Ceremony. Also, let me wish everyone here a Happy National Day. This ceremony today also embodies our national spirit of the different communities coming together as one united society, and today we celebrate the success of our students as one.


SHGs’ Collaboration in Student Programmes

2. Singapore being a multi-racial society truly epitomises unity in diversity. The ethnic-based Self-Help Groups (SHGs) were set up by the respective communities to complement the efforts by government and other agencies to address the specific needs and unique challenges of their respective communities. At the same time, the SHGs also work closely to find common ground and opportunities to work together and support one another.

3. The SHGs work to maximise the potential of every child and improve social mobility. Each of the SHGs offers tuition programmes to their students, in an effort to level them up academically.

4. In 2002, the Collaborative Tuition Programme was launched to allow students from these SHGs to participate in tuition programmes offered by other SHGs. This maximises the use of community resources and provides greater convenience and accessibility to students from less well-to-do families. The number of collaborative tuition centres has grown steadily over the years to 69 now.

5. Since 2004, the SHGs began jointly presenting awards to students who have done well at national examinations. The Joint Tuition Awards serves to recognize their efforts and motivate them to continue striving hard and achieve


Sharing Success Stories – Profiles

6. Today, 571 students will be receiving Awards. Some of these students have done well in their studies, despite challenging family circumstances. Many have managed to excel in their academic performance, while also juggling their CCAs, community service and voluntary work. I would like to share with you a few inspiring examples.

7. Alyssa Victoria de Conceicao is the recipient of the Best Overall Academic Performance for the PSLE category.Alyssa is currently studying in Temasek Junior College in the Integrated Programme Year 1. She attained 3 ‘A’ stars and 1 ‘A’ with an aggregate score of 256 for her Primary School Leaving Examination 2013. At St. Hilda’s Primary School, she was a Senior Councillor in the Student Council, CCA leader for the Sports Club and Vice-Captain of St. Hilda’s Bowling Club. She represented her school for Inter-School Bowling Championships, MOE Excel Fest showcasing new teaching materials and methods, and the Singapore Primary Science Olympiad (SPSO) at NUS High School. Alyssa also volunteered in Project ASEAN, a community service trip to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam where the students of St. Hilda’s designed an English teaching package including lesson plans and teaching materials, which they used to teach the children there. Alyssa also finds time to help the elderly at Peace Haven Home. It is heartening to know that our students are engaging in community service and finding time to volunteer while juggling their studies and doing well academically.

8. Anggraeni Putri Tambunan is receiving the Best Overall Academic Performance Award for her performance in theGCE O Level examinations. Anggraeni showed great improvement in her L1R4 score, with 7 and 6 grade improvements in Mathematics and Combined Science respectively. She attained 10 points for her L1R4 and is now in Temasek Polytechnic, majoring in a course that she had always dreamt to pursue, Aviation Management and Services. Perhaps what is more remarkable is that Anggraeni had to take her ‘O’ Level examination again as she did not perform as expected the first time the year before. However, she persevered and motivated herself to work even harder. Her determination, resilience and hard work have certainly paid off.

9. Kwong Cho Ying is receiving an award for Best Overall Academic Performance for the GCE ‘N’ Level category.
Cho Ying achieved impressive results of five As and two Bs in the ‘N’ Level examinations in 2013.
However, things were not always smooth-sailing for Cho Ying in terms of her studies. Cho Ying scored Band 3 for all her subjects when she was in Primary Four. Coming from a humble background, her parents could not afford privatetuition for her. They enrolled her for the CDAC tuition and she has been attending the tuition classes since Primary Five. The smaller class size enabled Cho Ying to clarify her doubts and receive more personalized attention. As a result, Cho Ying scored A1 for her E Math and A2 for her A Math. She is more confident about sitting for her GCE ‘O’ Level examinations this year. She now loves Mathematics and aspires to become an accountant.

10. Also receiving the Best Performance Award for the ‘O’ Level category is Abirami Arulrandan. Abirami has been a SINDA STEP student for 4 years and made a 6 grade improvement in Mathematics and 2 grade improvements in both English and Science and. She made a significant leap from an E8 to an A2 in Math at the ‘O’ Level examinations and attributes her success to her STEP tutors. Abirami achieved an L1R5 score of 10 points and is currently in Pioneer Junior College. As a student councilor and staff sergeant in the National Police Cadet Corps, Abirami was a self-motivated student who did well in her studies while excelling in her co-curricular activities in school.