Being Determined to Succeed

How does one strike a balance between studies and passion? As Azeezur Rahman says, determination and discipline are key.

At the 27th SINDA Excellence Awards, 15-year-old Azeezur was lauded for his achievements in sports. His love for hockey began when he was in primary school. As a Primary 5 student, he made his school’s hockey team and began participating actively in games and trainings. However, Azeezur’s grades began to suffer as he was spending most of his time on hockey. His parents were unhappy that he was neglecting his studies in favour of sports.

After realising that he had to improve his grades, he enrolled in SINDA’s STEP programme. By consistently revising and clarifying his doubts with his tutors on a 1-on-1 basis, Azeezur’s grades had significantly improved at the end of the year.

In Secondary 2, Azeezur received the opportunity to represent Singapore at a hockey tournament in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Pleased with Azeezur’s progress and diligence, his parents became more supportive of his sports endeavours, discussing the games with his coach and providing refreshments for the team.

Azeezur cites hockey for enabling him to handle his priorities. “If you want to achieve something you must discipline yourself. Representing Singapore didn’t just teach me about hockey, but also how to manage my time effectively.”

Over the years, Azeezur has won the Singapore Sports Council National Colours Award thrice, all while maintaining his grades. He also plans to give back to the community. “There are many elderly people around my neighbourhood – I want to spend more time at elderly homes and help them with any needs they might have, and gathering people to raise awareness about them.”