Don’t Be Afraid

Sarvinderraj Tamizhselvam attributes his positive attitude and life-skills gained to the SINDA Football Club (SFC) and Peer Leadership Programme (PLP). “In secondary school, I didn’t have much self-esteem or confidence. Eventually, I succumbed to negative influences from peer pressure.” Determined to change, Sarvinderraj channelled time and effort into meaningful pursuits. Following his participation in 2013’s football-focused Half-Time Camp, he was recruited into the SFC in 2014 as a goal-keeper, playing in many tournaments and matches. He grew more confident, keen on meeting new people and interacting regularly with his peers.  “I made the effort to discipline myself and get onto the right path by focusing on my trainings.”

Sarvinderraj graduated with a Nitec in Fitness Training from ITE College Central, and is now a dedicated peer leader, lending his support to the SFC. He also volunteered at several SINDA events, the most recent being the Back to School Festival in November.

“My confidence is my greatest achievement this year. Training to be a peer leader improved my self-esteem. I’m more comfortable interacting with others and I no longer downplay my abilities. To my peers – don’t be afraid to face your challenges. Don’t be afraid to fail either – by failing, you learn to be better,” says Sarvinderraj.

“Being involved in SINDA programmes gave me the experience I needed to become a more effective leader and communicator, and to overcome my challenges by effectively managing my commitments.”