Embrace the Waste

Upon realising that food wastage is a prevalent issue in Singapore, Thenappan Sathya was spurred to find a solution. Despite his reserved demeanour, Sathya joined the SINDA Youth Leaders’ Programme (SYLP) where he initiated ‘Embrace the Waste’, a movement aimed at encouraging people to reduce the amount of overall waste generated.

Over the course of the SYLP sessions, Sathya came out of his shell and became more outspoken to effectively lead his nine-member team. Their efforts bore fruit – they collaborated with environmental groups and individuals in and outside of Singapore to further ‘Embrace the Waste’. “It’s important to find a cause that you’re truly passionate about and focus on it. SYLP’s events were interesting and beneficial to me, and I liked that we could start our own projects to benefit the community,” he says.

Sathya and his team aim to raise awareness about environmental issues and trends, by engaging the public through their website and newsletters. Recently, they received a $2,000 grant from South West CDC to develop solutions for littering in Singapore. “We consider this an opportunity to interact with different groups of people, enhance our efforts and ultimately increase visibility for the movement,” says Sathya.

“SYLP emphasized the importance of knowing what’s happening on the ground, so we can understand issues better. Our sessions equipped me with the courage and resources to meet new people and get to know their concerns better.”