Hello Baby Gift Bundle

In 2018, Mdm Seema and her husband, Mr Shahnazar Alam, received SINDA’s Hello Baby Gift Hamper for 2-year-old Mahira, the youngest of their five daughters. “We felt that the hamper would enable Mahira to develop her sense of play and sharpen her motor skills,” says Mdm Seema.

The homemaker, who works with a non-profit organisation to build terrariums in her free time, found that the items brought joy to all her children. “My older daughters were more excited than Mahira to open the hamper. They explored the items and spent time playing together. Mahira plays mostly with the building blocks. When she calls to me “Mummy, see!” we encourage her to keep playing.”

Receiving the Hello Baby Gift Hamper introduced Mdm Seema’s family to SINDA’s educational initiatives. Her older daughters have since attended LYNN and STEP tuition for English, Mathematics and Science. “Their weekends are full of various enrichment activities now, guiding them to find their talents. I want them to have a well-rounded education with the hope that they’ll attain stable jobs and good income when they grow up,” says Mdm Seema.