Self-assured and Empowered

As a Primary Six student, Mohamed Firdose was introduced to SINDA’s youth programmes during his enrolment in STEP tuition. He participated in Camp Arise, an experiential programme for youths to learn beyond their classrooms. Following that, Firdose participated in GAME Music, GAME Photography, Holiday Enrichment Programmes and ITE Aspire. In 2016, he was selected for the Peer Leadership Programme (PLP) for his good conduct and leadership potential.

It is hard to tell but Firdose had a fear of public speaking that plagued him up till secondary school. “I was extremely hesitant to speak in front of large groups in school. People would make fun of me, which didn’t do me any favours. I didn’t talk much or take on responsibilities – worried that I’d make mistakes and embarrass myself. However, I wanted to be more confident and prove that I was capable of speaking up. Hence, I became more involved in SINDA’s programmes, using those opportunities to be comfortable with leading group discussions and giving speeches.”

Firdose credits ITE Aspire for motivating him to help other youths. “Through those programmes, I’ve become more self-assured and empowered. I want to pursue more mentoring opportunities with SINDA, so I can share what I’ve learnt with my peers,” he says.

“I feel that our Indian youths will benefit and grow through programmes such as ITE Aspire and PLP. They may be facing issues such as peer pressure and stress at school, so these programmes would help them spend their time meaningfully, and enable them to discover their potential.”