Mentor Me



As we continue to battle the pandemic and gradually return to normal, many post-secondary students will feel uncertain and confused about their future.

SINDA’s Mentor Me is a programme to help students achieve their desired career path with guidance from mentors. 

We need our youths to step in and play a role in guiding and empowering the next generation of young adults so join us as a mentor and make a difference!


Programme Objective

This programme is designed to assist aspiring post-secondary students in preparing for their social and future education plans through mentorship by industry/sector professionals. Students will gain a better understanding of the key areas of work specialization, and will be better equipped to make informed choices for their future education and career plans.



The programme is to begin in July/Aug 2020.


Through Mentor Me, students will be matched with mentors (professionals) based on their field of study. Through face to face/virtual interactions, mentors will be able to share their knowledge with their mentees and give them a better understanding of their field of study. This 5-month long journey will not only groom students into capable young adults who are ready for their future, but it will also inspire the next generation of youth to become mentors. 

*Mentees and Mentors are required to participate in a minimum of two interactions per month


SINDA’s Youth Division has designed a resource package to guide mentees and mentors through the programme. In addition to the monthly log sheets and checklists, the following were also shared with both groups of individuals:

  1. Roles and Responsibilities
  2. Communication Guidelines
  3. 10 suggested topics to serve as a progressive guide for mentors during their monthly face-to-face / virtual mentoring sessions with mentees
  4. Schedule of suitable career enrichment workshops



  • Professionals with a minimum of 3 years of work experience
  • Keen to positively impact youth



Mr Idrees

For more information, please contact: 8742 9152 or email: idrees@sinda.org.sg