GAME (Guidance And Mentorship Programme)



GAME is a group-based mentoring programme that is aimed at nurturing the development of Indian Youth aged between 13 & 17 by bringing them together as a community and giving them the opportunity to empower themselves and develop their talents.

GAME 2017 will comprise of three variations where mentors and mentees engage in structured activities. These three variations include; GAME-Music, GAME-Dance, and GAME-Photography.


  • To engage Indian youth in meaningful activities with mentors who can provide friendship, support, and guidance to them
  •  To equip Indian youth with skills that will empower them to make meaningful life choices and improve their performance in school
  • To increase Self-Esteem, Self-Efficacy, and Resilience in youth



GAME – Music (Starts: March)

Secondary school youth will be engaged in a 15 week music programme, trained by experienced coaches. At the end of the 15 weeks, each band group will come up with a music piece. The best performing band will be given an opportunity to perform at a SINDA event.

GAME – Dance (Starts: May)

Youth will be engaged in dance sessions for 15 weeks and be trained iN various dance genres by experienced trainers. At the end of the 15 weeks, these dancers will be invited to perform at a SINDA event.

GAME – Photography (1st Intake: April, 2nd Intake: August)

Youth will be engaged in photography sessions for 8 weeks. The sessions will cover both the technical and theoretical aspects of photography with added emphasis on basic camera handling and photo-taking skills. All sessions will be conducted by experienced trainers.

All variations of the GAME programme are intended to encourage teamwork amongst participants and support the positive character development of the participants.



Mentors participate and supervise their mentees during the Music, Photography or Dance sessions conducted by experienced trainers. After the training session, mentors will guide youth in various discussion topics such as self-esteem, self-efficacy and resilience



  • Singaporean
  • Age 21 – 35
  • Interest in Music/Photography/Dance



Ms Shamini Loganathan

For more information, please contact: 1800 295 3333 or email: queries@sinda.org.sg